Euro Cinema is now called The Funkstamatics!

After seven years, two cd’s, two vinyl releases, numerous tracks on compilations and almost 100 live appearances, Dutch funk band Euro Cinema changed its name. It turns out an American TV station not only has the same name, but also holds the trademark to it. To maintain recognizability, we have decided to rename the group after our second album. Euro Cinema will from now on be called … The Funkstamatics.

Despite this setback, we’re is as energetic as ever! Along with the name change, we’ll soon present a preview of new material. (Let Me Hear You) Say It, parts 1 & 2 is a raw grooving funk single in two parts.Part one is all about the soulful vocals of funky diva Sanne Monster. In part 2 the instrumentalists (including Funkstamatic Horns Efraïm Trujillo and Dirk Beets) let loose with a strong nod towards James Brown’s legendary backing group the JB’s. Later in the year the band will also perform live in this “XL” version, as well as gigging in the standard formation. And then there’s also the introduction of our very own funky club night:Club Koekwaus, a collaboration with DJ Ronny Hammond. The Funkstamatics are go!